YAHU performing live - Secret location. Limited Tickets. The Go Show Live Recording. May 1st 2021 Doors open at 7 open bar and food till 8 or exausted. BYOB showtime at 9 LIVE MUSIC, COMEDY, DANCE, AND ART. goshowchi.com
May 01, 7:00 PM
Location is TBD



YAHU is a multi-medium artist. As a South Shore Chicago native, and student of the performing arts,

he became interested in the spray can graffiti, break-beat dancing, and the rhythmic and poetic musical

expression of the urban back drop. In an effort to further his interests he turned his studies to the fine

and commercial arts, such as art history, music theory, graphic design, visual communication, and digital


ELIYAHU has been in the process of “building a show”, and is now putting it on. With music being the

primary medium, he tunes his expression to target specific demographics. He is a hip-hop/rap artist,

using genre as a canvas, experience as the pallet, and words to brush over topics and reveal, a portrait

of the social landscape. These are more than mere songs; these compositions are odes to performance


As ELIYAHU continues to develop and grow as an artist and person, networking within the community

has become essential to his furthering the Hip-hop Culture. As a local community activist and

entrepreneur, he’s currently an event planner and grass roots organizer, with intent to influence social

change through the arts.


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